"This eccentric act brings environmental issues to the stage with great music and smokin' onstage science experiments."
-- Good Times Weekly, Santa Cruz, CA, 12/18/08
"... an effort to blend hard-nosed educational concepts about the world in which we all live with colorful family entertainment."
-- Santa Cruz Sentinel, Santa Cruz, CA, 12/19/08
Do As You Otter
"Heal the Planet with Music and Science"
Do As You Otter
author: Margaret in Maine
Peter Weiss and his hot band have pegged the inspiring kids' music genre, but they have bumped the standard up: the music itself is really GOOD, played by skilled musicians, and the songs are meaningful, often funny, and easy to sing along with. I can't imagine a child not becoming attached to this CD at the first play. Do As You Otter is a 21st century version of Pete Seeger's and Woody Guthrie's children's albums.

Do As You Otter
author: cindy
I am a music teacher and I use Dr. Pete's music in my productions....easy to learn lyrics, and catchy melodies. It is a great adjunct to any music program. It also explores different musical styles, which fits beautifully into the Ca State Standards for K-4 levels. Beautifully done. Kudos!

author: emily
Dr. Weiss's music is educational and fun at the same time. Students really respond to the positive message and it is refreshing to have an artist who can breakdown environmental concepts for youth and adults alike.

Do as You Otter
author: Maura
My two year old loves this CD! He requests it more than any other CD and he often sings songs from the CD during the day. I love hearing him say "I wanna reach..." Thanks Peter for the great tunes!

Do As You Otter
author: Christi
Upbeat and Positive! My family loves to sing-a-long to Peter's uplifting music. This could be the most important and playful CD we own.

Do as you Otter
author: The Access Dr
Even more than the lyrics, the music styles are so creative. This should be out there.

Do as you otter
author: Jeff
I am just amazed how Dr Weiss uses such effective lyrics and music to explain both life-style and ecological concepts. Great arrangements.

Do As You Otter
author: Peanut
I am 5 and I love Peter's music. I listen to this CD every day and sing along with all the songs! My favorite is Nocturnal.

author: Jenn
Wonderfully original - a very creative way to engage children in learning about important issues and still have fun!!! The Singing Scientist really has a good thing going!!!

Great message
author: Dan Robbins
I love the soulful melodies and hooks on this album, and the lyrics are great for kids and funny for adults. Your family will love it!!!

Do As You Otter
author: wendy
My kids started singing along...they love it! And I enjoyed it also. Great messages that educate children and adults about our environment, in a fun, rockin format.

Do you as you otter
author: Jannie Bo B., Seattle
Last night in the grocery line, my three year old and I were caterwalling "Do as you otter, don't pollute the water" over and over. Weiss's music is infectious good fun with a wonderful message that kids relate to, and best of all, parents like it too. With this new album Peter has also accomplished a polished and professional production that belongs in everyone's collection. And - deep breath - there's EVEN A BASS SOLO. GOD I love this guy, wish he lived in Seattle or something. Keep up the good work! JBB

My Reviews from fans at CD Baby.com
"Engaging performer and gifted songwriter Peter Weiss blends science and entertainment in 14
tunes (including one lively instrumental) with an environmental angle. Most are Weiss originals but he
sprinkles in a few well chosen standards including John McCutcheon’s “Own Backyard,” John Gorka’s
“Branching Out,” and Raffi’s “All I Really Need.” The orginal songs resourcefully tackle the basics of
recycling, global warming, and related topics without being too technical or broad. “Live Simple” makes a
persuasive pitch for acting responsibly and limiting waste. In “The Place They Call Away,” an
adventurous boy follows the trail of trash to its ultimate destination. Weiss and some talented friends are
clearly adept at folk-style music as well as blues and beyond. His lyrics, sung in a friendly, mellow voice,
shine through creative musical arrangements. A thought-provoking yet entertaining introduction to
environmental issues."
— Paul Shackman of BookList Magazine, May 2009
Local Peter Weiss, the Singing Scientist, along with the back-up assistance of The Earth Rangers, just released his newest CD; Do As You Otter.  It is a toe-tapping folk/rock collection of songs for children with the intent to educate them about environmental issues.  The tunes are easy to sing along  with and the words are catchy, such as in the title song's chorus "Do as you otter, don't pollute the water.  Do as you otter, don't pollute the sea."  His lyrics cover a number of environmental concerns - plastic bottles, plastic bags and greenhouse gases.  Children are called to be good stewards of our environment taking personal action such as recycling ("Our Own Backyard") and in his Earth Day song he challenges them to become activists.  Other songs touch themes such as nocturnal animals, the importance of trees, non-violence and family ("All I really need is a song in my heart, food in my belly and love in my family.")  Since music has a way of cementing information into a child's brain, teachers will find this CD to be a useful in their environmental curriculum.
--Growing Up In Santa Cruz
Monthly Parent/Child Publication
April 2009
Peter Weiss, a researcher in atmospheric chemistry, sings 14 songs—10 original compositions, three covers, and a traditional melody—in a very pleasant baritone, accompanied by excellent background instruments such as guitar, bass, mandolin, piano, drums, banjo, and saxophone. These songs about environmentalism, global warming, littering, and recycling are sung in folk, folk-rock, blues, and country styles. Sound effects of animals and nature can be heard on some tunes. Among the songs are “Do As You Otter,” “Own Backyard,” “Happy Earth Day,” “Dumpster Blues,” and “Live Simply.” The songs are well-written and have a pleasant sound, and some warn of catastrophic global warming. Teachers can use this album to enhance environmental studies units.–Beverly Bixler, San Antonio Public Library, TX

From School Library Journal, June 2009:
Do As You Otter by Peter Weiss and the Earth Rangers is a delightful, upbeat collection of songs with an important message: saving the earth.  Weiss is a chemistry researcher at UC Santa Cruz and a talented folk-rock musician whose sing-along tunes will appeal to kids and adults.  The title song "Do As You Otter" is an ode to caring for the sea.  "Do as you otter, don't pollute the water, Do as you otter don't pollute the sea."  It is followed by "Own Backyard", with verses about worm bins, compost and growing fruit and vegetables so "Instead of driving to the store you can go shopping in your Own Backyard."  Weiss' interpretation of John Gorka's beautifully haunting standard "Branching Out" is a highlight.  The song begins "When I grow up I want to be a tree, I want to make my home with the birds and the bees and squirrels, they can count on me."  Weiss sings of recycling, greenhouse gases, nocturnal animals, family, and non-violence.  "Skateboarding with the President" is a poignant plea to George Bush to end the war.  It was written with Ms. Delaney's 4th grade class at Westlake Elementary School and although we have a new administration, it's a song every world leader should hear.  Weiss' friendly, mellow voice is an invitation to listen and then join him and the young Earth Rangers.  Weiss is a Pete Seeger for the environment.  On hopes that, song by song, the world can change.
- Caryn Huberman Yacowitz, Parenting on the Peninsula Magazine, September 2009
Music and the natural world come together through the songs of University of California, Santa Cruz, research scientist-turned-folk rocker Peter Weiss. On his debut album, Do As You Otter, the ex-vocalist/guitarist for Seattle-based rock band Big Spoon uses original songs and tunes by John Gorka, John McCutcheon, and Raffi to promote a love of the planet Earth and call for its preservation. Full band arrangements, featuring Weiss’ acoustic and electric guitar picking, driven on several tunes by saxophonist Joel Ford and a chorus of youngsters, empower Weiss’ songs about animals, trees, global warming, and recycling. -- Dirty Linen, October 2009